The Kilwins team members wave to the camera outside of the Kilwins store

Welcome to the Kilwins Chocolate Kitchen where people celebrate, vacation and share the experience of life, family and gifting in a very special nostalgic Americana setting. We are proud of our “family” heritage of providing our customers with high quality products and a warm friendly customer experience. So feel free to browse our site, shop online, or stop by the next time you are in northern Michigan to enjoy the finest quality confections, priced with a value that focuses on being kitchen made fresh from premium ingredients and original recipes.

Bill Hoffman, who is our head candy cook, started with Kilwins in August 1985 and trained under Hershel Dunshee, Hershel having trained under Don Kilwin. Long time team member Ken Woodruff began working at Kilwins Kitchen in July, 1986 making Ice Cream, handling shipping and receiving, local deliveries and assisting in chocolate enrobing and molding. “I think there were 17 stores at the time but it was apparent to me that as we were adding a few new Franchisees each year, Kilwins was a good place to be. What is there not to like about chocolate and ice cream? We are a lot busier now — there are over 100 stores — but I still feel that this is a fun business and when we meet our customer’s expectations, make improvements, or develop new products, it is also very satisfying.”

Our equipment dates back to the 1940's, 50's and 60's. Our methods of making candy have not changed since they were originated by Don Kilwin in 1947. When you make candy the way Kilwins does, each and every piece is touched by Kilwins team members who care and take pride in making a high quality product just for you.